July 9: My CD release show is sneaking up on you! July 30, at Rob Mattson's place in Upton. Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30. Rob's just announced this on his house concert list, so if you haven't let me know you're coming, send me email at sam@sambayer.com and I'll send it along. Don't miss this show; I'll have a band, including dear friend and guitarist extraordinaire Walter Crockett, and special guest opening acts, and I believe She Who Must Be Taunted might be there as well.

Songs:It Ain't Over Till the Cat Lady Sings
Video:"Local Music Rocks" on Westford Cable Access
Album:Takin' It To the Emacks
Gig:July 30, my CD release house concert at Rob Mattson's house

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"He's awesome!"
- Paul Duffy, Front Street Coffeehouse

"You are among the best entertainers I've ever listened to."
- audience member

"I think your psyche must be a very interesting place."
- unidentified audience member

"...a local treasure..."
- Club Passim Calendar

"[Sam Bayer's] bass voice rumbles with mellifluous ease through each tune... Consider yourself blessed whenever you have the opportunity to experience his music!"
- Julie Woods

"Sam Bayer's songs have the power to grip my heart and demand my attention."
- Susan Master

"One of the finest songwriters in the state, if not the region."
- Steve Rapson

"Sam Bayer's songs drag us, kicking and screaming, into the 'Tune Town' that is America in the twenty-first century."
- John Boehmer

"...original songs rich in imagery and rhythm, sung like honey on sandpaper."
- Chris Pahud, Wessagussett Coffeehouse

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