April 30: This "album is almost done" thing is getting as old for me as it is for you, but really, truly, it's almost done. I've got the order, and the spacing between the songs, and final mixes of most of the tunes, and all that remains is a bit more obsessive listening and the cover art. There will be a CD release show, believe it or not; more about that later. For now, come see me at Amazing Things this Thursday.

Songs:It Ain't Over Till the Cat Lady Sings
Video:"Local Music Rocks" on Westford Cable Access
Album:Takin' It To the Emacks
Gig:May 5, at the Amazing Things Arts Center, with your gracious host Dan Cloutier

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"He's awesome!"
- Paul Duffy, Front Street Coffeehouse

"You are among the best entertainers I've ever listened to."
- audience member

"I think your psyche must be a very interesting place."
- unidentified audience member

"...a local treasure..."
- Club Passim Calendar

"[Sam Bayer's] bass voice rumbles with mellifluous ease through each tune... Consider yourself blessed whenever you have the opportunity to experience his music!"
- Julie Woods

"Sam Bayer's songs have the power to grip my heart and demand my attention."
- Susan Master

"One of the finest songwriters in the state, if not the region."
- Steve Rapson

"Sam Bayer's songs drag us, kicking and screaming, into the 'Tune Town' that is America in the twenty-first century."
- John Boehmer

"...original songs rich in imagery and rhythm, sung like honey on sandpaper."
- Chris Pahud, Wessagussett Coffeehouse

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